Passion for Life Initiative (PFLI) was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Abuja on the 20th of February, 2017.

It is an indigenous Non-Government Organization (NGO) with a passion to touch live and human environment positively. Our motto which is “Yes we Care” is an action statement of intent and practical commitment. Numerically, the strength of our organization is commendable to the glory of God from across states in Nigeria.

Passion for Life initiative was founded by Duchess Daughter Mabinton with the singular aim to muster women of like minds to form a charitable and formidable network of entrepreneurs poised to provide support and services in our communities and society at large.

There are various arms of the organization including the youth section targeted to meet specific needs of young people especially the girl child, to help them discover their hidden potentials and to build up their self-esteem while developing them toward achieving their live goals, morally and educationally that are all aimed at developing and supporting the vulnerable in life.






To achieve individuals and communities with core values for a sustainable environment.

Our Values

We recognize and respect cultural or religious differences and values. We welcome and support people from all walks of life with the same passion for humanitarian services. We strive to support individuals and communities by providing to their basic needs within our reach as best as we can.

Our Objectives

  • Charity service to humanity
  • Promoting entrepreneur development in communities
  • Support rural and urban empowerment programmers
  • Maintain environmental gullies and food damages
  • Enlightenment against environmental hazards
  • Creating public awareness on health and social values
  • To meet the welfare needs of the less privileged
  • To be ambassador of peace for conflict resolution through prayers and counseling
  • To empower youths, girls and women with education and skill for self reliance
  • To engage in rural and urban environmental hygiene
  • To setup pilot farm in the rural communities , to provide employment for the teeming populaceIn her bid to achieve these aims and objective, Passion for Life Initiative is funded through financial and material support from members and other well-meaning individuals and organization. Passion is what drives us as a group with the mindset to show care and to accept responsibility whenever the need arise. We hope and pray that God leads and direct our noble cause to help build our nation, Nigeria.